Roots of Resilience is the product of the collaborative effort of Managing Change Northwest, ranchers, farmers, university and extension educators, as well as other sustainability activists.

Holistic Management is a framework for making decisions that helps us to deal with the complexities of humans, the environment, and finances. It was developed by Allan Savory in the former Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe.

about3Decades ago as a young game agent, he made many insightful observations as to why the grasslands were deteriorating. He discovered that it was not too many animals causing the problem, but the ways in which they were managed. His studies led to the creation of the Holistic Management as a decision making framework to help restore the environment. He is a co-founder of the Savory Institute.


Roots of Resilience promotes restoration of the world’s grasslands through the practice and the sharing of Holistic Management. We work to:

  1. Heal the land by use of properly managed livestock to sequester carbon, improve watershed health, help farmers/ranchers be more successful and create healthier ecosystems.
  2. Provide consulting, offer facilitation services and teach how to create environmental, economic and social benefits
  3. Conduct research, facilitate development of sound policies, create market incentives and raise public awareness to promote successful large-scale change


Through this process, the focus of our activities is to build capacity, enhance profitability and improve the quality of life for the residents of the Pacific Northwest now and for future generations.   In addition, farmers and ranchers can use the planning process to become more profitable so they can continue to stay on the land. Finally, the decision making framework guides people in creating the quality of life they desire.

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Rejuvenating Grasslands and Healing the Planet