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Dead Dogs Do Tell Tales

Dead Dogs Do Tell Tales – Lessons Learned from a Two Year Old’s Eulogy

Yesterday my 17 year old Labrador had to be euthanized. Although he had done remarkably well until recently, it was his time.

My young grandchildren offered to help bury him. Outfitted with hand trowels, they flung dirt in the direction of the grave. Knowing how much they loved Blitz, I asked Rory – who just turned two – if she wanted to say anything to him. She thought for a moment and then nodded. Solemnly, she sprinkled dirt on his grave and offered her heartfelt eulogy.

“Good bye Blitz”, she said . “You are a dead dog now.” Then she patted the dirt with her trowel and went to look for flowers to decorate the site.

Clear, short, simple and to the point. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Flowers on Blitz's Grave

Flowers on Blitz’s Grave

I learned something from her speech. Sometimes it feels hard to explain what Holistic Management is and what it offers. So in the spirit of Rory’s eulogy to Blitz, here is my attempt – although she could probably say it better and shorter.

Holistic Management is a decision making framework to help people improve their quality of life, the environment and their finances so they can live the kind of life they desire and leave something better for future generations. 

Good bye Blitz. You are a dead dog now but you will live forever in our memories.

Blitz's Last Good Day

Molly with Blitz’s on his last good day


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