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Roots of Resilience Workshops and Training

Roots of Resilience offers camps, workshops, conferences, facilitation and training in Holistic Management and Consensus Building.

Upcoming Events

The New Rancher School presents:

New Cowgirl Camp 2018

May 28-June 1 and August 27-31, 2018 at Lazy R Ranch, Cheney, Washington


New Rancher Camp 2018

July 9-13, 2018 at Matheson Farms, Bellingham, Washington


Are you thinking of getting into farming? Do you want to practice and improve your farm and ranch skills? This five day intensive retreat-style camp may be for you!

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Learn more about New Rancher Camp

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Holistic Management Online Workshops

Learn Holistic Management with online training available through the Savory Institute.

Custom Workshops for Your Group

Have a group of 10 or more who would like in-depth, in-person training? Our professionals offer the following workshops:

Holistic Planned Grazing™

Holistic Financial Planning: Planning for Profit

Holistic Land Planning: Creating Your Ideal Holistic Land Plan

Ecological Land Monitoring

Consensus Building

Please contact us for information about scheduling a custom workshop or training program for your group.

Group Workshop Pricing

The regular price for two-day intensive workshops is $247 per person.
Student (HS, college) price is $147.
If two or more members of the same family or ranch attend, each additional person after the first is $147.

Educational Opportunities

Holistic Planned Grazing

The workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to learn how to create a holistic grazing plan.

Why this is important: Creating a holistic grazing plan allows for you to plan, manage, and improve your biological capital to build wealth for a sustained business and livelihood. This is done through using the grazing chart to adequately deal with the complexity of the system, address the unique considerations, and manage all tools available to help create the Future Resource Base described in your Holistic Context.

This workshop covers:

  • Develop a grazing plan that puts the animals in the right place at right time for the right reason.
  • Pre-plan for drought or other crisis
  • Improve forage production, biodiversity and soil health
  • Learn the principles of how to capture as much solar energy (free energy) as possible
  • Manage the land to capture the maximum rainfall
  • Learn a planning system that allows you to manage all the variables you deal with on a yearly basis (calving, breeding, water issues, hunting seasons, etc.)
  • Enhance your triple bottom-line (People, Profit and Planet)
  • Be proactive to address concerns on the ranch and prevent issues with regulation
  • How to address livestock, land, conservation, and social needs
  • Reading the land to review brittleness, ecosystem processes, and tools and their probable results
  • How to operate, monitor, and control a holistic grazing plan

Planning for Profit: Creating, Implementing, and Monitoring Your Holistic Financial Plan

The workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to create their own holistic financial plan. In most cases, some work will be needed after the course to complete the plan but you will be well on your way by the end of the course.

Why this is important: Creating a Holistic Financial Plan allows for you to plan, manage, and grow your business to build wealth. Most of us keep records for tax purposes showing what has already happened in the past. Annual financial planning uses past records along with new decisions to plan forward for the upcoming year to create profit within our Holistic Context. The continued practice of Holistic Financial Planning allows a business to become financially sustainable for the long term.

This workshop covers:

  • Where Holistic Financial Planning fits in Business Planning
  • How to address logjams, determine financial weak links, and enhance profitability
  • Evaluate which enterprises are providing the greatest Gross Profit
  • How to categorize expenses
  • How to balance a plan and check for cash flow
  • How to operate, monitor, and control a Holistic Financial Plan
  • Manage the constant change in markets, land and people and create stability
  • Enhance your decision-making skills by learning how to consider the economic, social (relationships) and environmental factors in your decisions.
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Work through conflict as well as family/social issues
  • Find and evaluate options
  • Monitor your progress
  • Develop resilience in your ranching business

Holistic Land Planning: Creating Your Ideal Holistic Land Plan

The workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to begin to create their own holistic land plan. In most cases, some work will be needed after the course to complete the plan but you will be well on your way by the end of the course.

Why this is important: Creating a Holistic Land Plan allows for you to build the infrastructure to support the use of the tools of grazing and animal impact within your Holistic Context.

This workshop covers:

  • What is a Holistic Land Plan?
  • Why is a Holistic Land Plan important?
  • How to create a Holistic Land Plan
  • Take into consideration the land, people, animals and animal behavior
  • How to implement a Holistic Land Plan over time
  • How Holistic Land Planning integrates with Holistic Financial Planning

Ecological Land Monitoring: Monitoring Your Land

The workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to practice doing holistic ecological monitoring. Participants will improve their skills at reading the land and will perform basic and comprehensive ecological monitoring. After the course you will be able to complete the monitoring when you return home.

Why this is important: Learning to yearly monitor your land allows for assessment of the day to day management and use of management tools on the land. The yearly monitoring shows the long term trend that is occurring and whether you are within your holistic context.

This workshop covers:

  • Learn the importance of yearly Ecological Monitoring
  • When to carry out annual Ecological Monitoring
  • How to select sites, tools needed and the process of reading the transects
  • How to recognize the indicators of ecological health
  • How used the results from Ecological Monitoring to diagnose problems and establish trends

For more information on the workshops contact Doug Warnock or 509-629-1671


Roots of Resilience  works to promote the large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands. The not-for-profit group is the product of the collaborative effort of Managing Change Northwest, ranchers, farmers, university and extension educators, as well as other sustainability activists.

Using the principles of Holistic Decision-Making and Holistic Planned Grazing, Roots of Resilience works with ranchers, agencies, organizations, and policy makers toward rejuvenation of the grasslands, increasing biodiversity, sequestering carbon, and reversing desertification. In addition, farmers and ranchers can use Holistic Financial Planning to become more profitable so they can continue to stay on the land and recover from setbacks. Finally, the Holistic Decision-Making framework guides people in creating the kind of life and business they desire.

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