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Healing the Planet

Welcome to the website of the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management new2(PNCHM). We are part of a global network of organizations inspired by the Savory Institute to promote the large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands using properly managed livestock. PNCHM is in honored to be in the first “class” of hubs and is in the process of accreditation to do this important work.       new1   Our group is no stranger to Holistic Management. Several people on our team have been long time members of Managing Change Northwest – a group of Holistic Management educators, consensus facilitators and field professionals working throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We joined forces early in 2012 with several other professionals and activists to explore how to best improve the grasslands, farms, and ranches in our region. Our hope is that by rejuvenating grasslands through a holistic approach to managing land and livestock, we can sequester carbon, reduce climate change, improve relationships

between ranchers and agencies, and help farmers/ranchers stay in a sustainable and viable business. An additional benefit of these is to help improve local economies and support local sustainable food systems.   Rejuvenating Grasslands   PNCHM representatives have already begun speaking at conferences, participating in trade shows, and presenting workshops. We are in the process of seeking and establishing demonstration and learning sites throughout the diverse landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Watch this blog for announcements of training and other activities!   This is the beginning of a journey for us. We hope you will join us along the way to a healthier environment, happier people, and more stable farms, businesses and local economies.

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