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Help Create a New Grazing Planning App

Be a Field Tester for a New App

Update: Thanks—We Exceeded Our Quota

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, share our post, or expressed an interest in our project to create an app for holistic planned grazing. We had an overwhelming response and exceeded our quota ahead of our deadline.

Unfortunately, (as of December 21, 2016) we have not been able to secure all of the cash matching funds we need to go ahead with the proposal. We were so excited about the chance to work with all the cool ranchers and farmers who volunteered to be our field testers. And we’re really disappointed that it looks like we may not be able to go forward with this particular grant proposal.

We will keep our eyes open for other funding sources for this project. If you know of anyone interested in supporting this idea, please let us know.

Help Us Make Holistic Planned Grazing Easier

We’re teaming up with PastureMap on a grant application to create a holistic grazing planning app. We need volunteer field testers to try out the app and give us feedback.

For a successful grant application, we’d like to sign up 50 field testers by December 23.

We need ranchers with all levels of experience with holistic planned grazing—from beginner to expert—to sign up as volunteer field testers. We want real feedback from real folks who are managing their livestock on the land. Only with your participation can we make sure our app really works out in the field.

Thanks for your interest in this project.


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