Who will regenerate our nation’s soil? The New Ranchers, with your help.

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Beth Robinette, forth-generation rancher at the Lazy R Ranch in Cheney, WA, is one of our new rancher instructor-mentors.

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Who will be the next generation to steward our farm and ranch lands and raise our food? How do we make sure our farmers and ranchers are equipped to confront climate change?

As you probably know, the current generation of ranchers and farmers is aging. The average age of farmers was 58 in 2012 and is rising about 4% each year. Where will new farmers and ranchers come from? How will they learn ranching skills and traditions and the latest cutting-edge methods for regenerative ranching?

Grazing and farming practices that restore and regenerate soil are one of our best opportunities to remove climate-damaging CO2 from the atmosphere.

By supporting New Rancher School, you can help ensure we will have a next generation of ranchers to steward our farm and ranch lands, raise healthy food, and help fight climate change. Without your support, we will not be able to start this urgently-needed program. With your support, the next generation of ranchers will start their training in 2018.

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The New Rancher School Will Teach the Next Generation How to Regenerate Soil

The Roots of Resilience New Rancher program includes a five-day intensive course for forward-thinking ranchers who are interested in becoming farmers and ranchers. Participants will learn new skills and discover a holistic approach to farming, life, and land management.

Our first New Cowgirl Camp, held in August 2017, was a great success. The eight women who participated told us it was a life-changing experience. It gave them new skills and boosted their confidence to continue to pursue their ranching dreams. We have two New Cowgirl Camps scheduled in 2018 as part of the New Rancher School program. They take place on:

May 28-June 1 and August 27-31, 2018

Lazy R Ranch, Cheney, Washington


We are looking into scheduling other New Rancher Camps in 2018 as well.

Why Do We Need a New Rancher School?

Many people who want to be ranchers or farmers don’t have the skills or experience to get started. There is good demand for agriculture workers. But it is hard to find people with skills and up-to-date training to fill the job. It can be hard to enter the field if you did not grow up on a farm or ranch.

One young man who is on our waiting list for New Rancher School told us, “The path from bartender to rancher is not obvious.” Few programs provide the combination of hands-on practical skills, classroom instruction, networking, and mentoring that New Rancher School will provide.

New Rancher School 5-day camp and our followup training will provide participants with basic ranching skills. This program will also help people prepare to buy, transition into, or create their own farm business. Many retiring farmers would like to find someone qualified to take over their farm. We will train our program participants for these transition opportunities.

The New Rancher School Program

We will train and empower participants to become farmers and ranchers through  hands-on teaching of basic farm skills, farm business knowledge, consensus-building, and leadership through a holistic perspective.

The curriculum for New Rancher School will include:

  • Basic farm skills, fencing, and facilities
  • Animal husbandry and low-stress animal handling techniques
  • Basic equestrian skills
  • Managing the farm or ranch for resilience
  • Relationship building
  • Farm business management
  • Leadership and creating positive change
  • Working in the field of agriculture and seeking opportunities

After the intensive five-day retreat, camp participants will receive follow-up mentoring from the camp instructors.

New Rancher School Instructors

This retreat-style hands-on camp will be led by Sandra Matheson, DVM, and Beth Robinette, MA–Sustainable Business. Sandra and Beth are life-long ranchers and ranch owners, entrepreneurs, and Holistic Management trainers.

We Need Your Support Now

With Your Support, New Rancher School Will Launch in 2018

After our successful New Cowgirl Camp in the Summer of 2017, we are making plans for expanding in 2018. We are already accepting participants.

Your donation now will keep the camp affordable for participants. It will allow us to plan and promote the camp so we can start training the next generation of new ranchers. And they can get started stewarding the land, regenerating soil, growing healthy food, and fighting climate change.

Without your support, we will not be able to reach potential new ranchers and provide this urgently-needed training. With your support, the next generation of ranchers will be on their way to successful ranching careers in the summer of 2018.

Your support will get our New Rancher School off to a great start.

Levels of Support

$5000—New Rancher School Program Sponsorship—become a premier program sponsor for 2018.
$2000—New Rancher School Camp Sponsorship—sponsor a one-week camp session in 2018
$1500—Scholarship Sponsor—support a new rancher who could not otherwise afford to attend New Rancher School.
$500—New Rancher School Lead Supporter—provide training materials for New Rancher School
$250—New Rancher School Campfire Circle—provide mentoring after the camp retreat week
$100—Friend of New Rancher School—support hands-on training activities
$50—New Rancher School Chuckwagon Team—Make sure our New Ranchers get good chow at camp.

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Thank you for your support! We can’t make The New Rancher School happen without you.

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