Roots of Resilience

New Name in 2016

On January 1, 2016, the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management (PNCHM) will become known as “Roots of Resilience”.

The original name has been a mouthful and the acronym (PNCHM) can be challenging. We believe that Holistic Management is the foundation, the “roots” of the work that we do. Part of our mission is to help restore grasslands in the Pacific Northwest. Strong “roots” make for healthier grasslands, dynamic biological communities, living soils and thriving people. In addition, we are helping environments, people, communities and economies become more “resilient”.

Watch for more announcements, the new logo and an updated website on January 1, 2016. For now, the new web address will send you to this original website.

Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to find us under the old name and web address:

A New Day Dawns on January 1, 2016

A New Day Dawns on January 1, 2016

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