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Soil Manifesto 2015

In anticipation of the Paris Climate talks, the Savory Institute invites you to read and sign the Soil Manifesto. Many factors contribute to climate change. Agriculture is one of them. Healthy soils and grasslands are the foundation of life and improving them is our greatest hope in combating this global threat. Please follow the link to the Savory Institute to sign the Soil Manifesto.

Sign Soil Manifesto

From the Savory Institute:

This December, over 50,000 people, including governments of more than 190 nations, will gather in Paris for the most important United Nations climate negotiations to date. The aim? To sign the first UNIVERSAL and legally binding CLIMATE AGREEMENT to reduce emissions in an effort to keep a livable climate on Earth.

Although REDUCING EMISSIONS is imperative, it IS NOT ENOUGH. Excess atmospheric carbon needs to be DRAWN DOWN from the atmosphere and safely stored where it belongs: the SOIL.

Yearlings on Spring Grass 2 2015

Sign Soil Manifesto

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